A major discovery made by EVEXyS scientists is that disease-associated extracellular vesicles in human plasma (pEV) are derived not only from sick cells and tissues, but also represent a fundamental aspect of the natural response to disease. By deciphering this vesicle-mediated communication in the body via sensitive biochemical analyses of pEV purified from the blood EVEXyS technology generates valuable diagnostic data that can complement and also greatly extend the information provided by the methods that are currently in clinical use.

While the diagnostic value of any single pEV-associated biomarker is relatively limited, highly accurate and discriminatory information – somewhat analogous to a fingerprint scan – lies in the patterns of these biomarkers. EVEXyS technology is based on a meticulously selected panel of 80 pEV biomarkers whose relative abundance or absence provides a data matrix with a maximal information content.

Another important aspect of EVEXyS technology is the ability to enrich the subpopulation pEVs that are the most information-rich and diagnostically relevant. Using proprietary immune-based and mechanical approaches developed by EVEXyS the bulk of pEV that show little or no disease associations can be eliminated, thereby greatly increasing the sensitivity, signal-to-noise, and discriminatory power of EVEXyS biomarker profiling analysis.