All key components of EVEXyS technology related to plasma extracellular vesicle (pEV) biomarker profiling as well as related therapeutic applications have been protected by pending patent applications. Filing of additional patents related to EVEXyS discoveries concerning purification facile purification or relevant pEV classes is under preparation.

EVEXys has recently filed a patent that broadly covers diagnostic profiling of pEV biomarker patterns (Method and a kit for detecting a combination of markers from liver-derived plasma. International patent application PCT/FI2017/050145), and another on pharmaceutical blocking of abnormal pEV production, which can normalize disease-associated pEV biomarker patterns and ameliorate patient symptoms (Drug therapy for neurodegenerative and other diseases promoted by pathogenic extracellular vesicles. Finnish patent application FI20175270).

In addition, EVEXyS has secured rights to a patent originally filed by the University of Erlangen/Nürnberg on diagnostic exploitation of pEV-associated protease activities (Method for in vitro detection and monitoring of a disease by measuring disease associated protease activation. WO2014108480 / US patent application 201533735).

EVEXyS technologies are available for licensing, and the company is welcoming collaborations for exploiting its proprietary technologies.